The Tom Brady Roast Went Sideways And Kept Going

Tom Brady

Imagine telling Jeff Ross to back off from a true roaster. That’s what Tom Brady tried to do and it all went downhill from there. They called it The Greatest Roast of All Time and Kevin Hart set out to prove it as he hosted the Netflix presentation that aired on Sunday night.

We all know that Tom Brady likes to have his special rules. But this was a torcher and he knew what he was getting into when he signed. Of course, the only argument I can offer is that Tom Brady signed up for this. Everyone associated with him didn’t. So, do they get a pass? According to the Roastmaster General, that would be a No.

It’s Not A Tom Brady Joke

If you didn’t catch what the seven-time Super Bowl champion said to Ross, it was, “Don’t say that shit again.”

That’s right, the GOAT got up and said that in Jeff’s ear while he was doing his bit. Tom must not have gotten the memo. He may not have been aware of all the rules. But the fact is that there really aren’t any rules.

The celebrity being roasted isn’t supposed to referee his own roast. It’s not a common practice that they tell the guests what to joke about and what not to joke about. But Jeff took it like a pro. He finished his jokes about Robert Kraft and went back to roasting Tom.

By the way, the last I heard, the charges were dropped. Robert Kraft is an innocent man or at least, as innocent as a lot of money can make you. Plus, it all happened in public. It was dragged out into the headlines and his name was plastered all over the net for something other than football.

That’s a tough break. That’s what happens when you’re a public figure. So, don’t go to a roast if you’re sensitive about the jokes that are going to fly.

It went further downhill from there. The quarterback’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, was another innocent victim of the roast. Of course, Jeff Ross went there too. But Kevin Hart, Nikki Glaser, and even Drew Bledsoe got in on the act.

Drew was the starting quarterback if you don’t know when he got hurt and that’s when Brady stepped up to take his place. It was history from there. So, Drew had a chance to get back at his former backup and he didn’t pull any punches. He mentioned the fact that Brady will never know what it’s like to be the first-round draft pick because Tom was chosen 199th in the sixth round. Way back in the back! So, Drew holds that over him. Plus, he went on to say that the GOAT would also never know how good it feels to celebrate a 28th anniversary. Whoa! Low blow!

Across the internet, headline after headline talks about how all the marriage and divorce jokes upset Gisele. But there’s nothing from her directly. Sites like TMZ and People refer to their sources who but they don’t have direct quotes or names to put with their stories. The fact is that Gisele didn’t even watch the show. She had more important things to do. Like, her part in saving the world.

Gisele Was Busy Doing Other Things

Roasts can get pretty bad. They aren’t like the Dean Martin roasts of yesteryear where celebrities would joke about the roaster and keep it at that. The roast tradition has progressively branched out into everything about the person and every bit of dirt they can dig up.

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But if you know what’s going on, then you know what to expect when you sign up for a roast. It’s not going to be a few innocent jokes that make people laugh in a wholesome family setting. It’s going to go there and there is no pulling back in sight.