When You Miss Me

Available on Amazon, When You Miss Me is a children’s book that helps children cope with a problem that’s fairly common.

When a father noticed the look in his daughter’s eye the day her mother came to get her after a weekend together, he knew there was a sense of loss and loneliness. She loved both of her parents and she didn’t understand why things had changed. That was when he decided to create something for her that not only would she be able to hold dear to her heart, but she would also find a way to hold him dear to her heart.

This is the perfect gift for the child who is missing a loved one. Whether you are the parents of divorce or one of you is in the military while your child is missing you at home, When You Miss Me helps the little heart through those tough times when they feel alone.

With actual activities your child can try, they can work through those lonely times and it begins to make them feel better. Plus, there is a very special DIY activity at the end of the story you and your child can do together to make a book of your own.

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