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a river in the oceanwhen you miss me


You Need To See This!

This clip is from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.’ Megan Fox does not actually make the blooper. It’s one of those production bloopers. And it really doesn’t matter. It just gives us another reason to watch Megan Fox in action, which we really don’t need good reasons. Any reason will do really.

So, she has a skirt and pantyhose on at the beginning of the scene. You see them as she’s walking. Then, she steals a plaid skirt and throws it on top of the other one. That’s when all of a sudden, there’s this huge change in attire but no explanation on how it happened or how she got the time. She’s suddenly hot as hell in thigh highs as she ties up her blouse to look more like the other girls who are going to play a part in her scheme to get close enough to a guy to get his data.

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