Rare Photos Of Hot Celebrities Leaked


In the mid-90s, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape was leaked and they didn’t really need it, but it gave them a lot of attention. Whether or not Kim Kardashian meant to do it, her leaked video actually put her on a whole new level of stardom. If it’s hot, it’s going to get the internet’s attention and sometimes it seems, that’s all the web wants.

But the trend is old now. We can move on. If people are trying to get famous, maybe they could try another way because hot photo leaks and sexy viral videos that weren’t “supposed” to go public, it’s all been done to death now. And it’s been done again. A new batch of photos have been leaked by hackers and they’re being spread across the internet so fast, celebrities didn’t get a chance to stop it.

Before enjoying the erotic photos with some videos in there as well, take a look at the history and how it got here…

The Hot Couple


The trendsetters who started it had to manage the scandal and actually, there wasn’t anything to manage. Tommy Lee had a reputation already and even as a fan of Pamela Anderson, it wasn’t as if no one had ever seen her nude before. She had done nude photoshoots for Playboy and other magazines throughout her career. Of course, a sex tape does take that to a whole new level. But remember, this video was supposed to be filmed by them and only for them.

The film somehow got leaked and that was before the internet got huge. It was in the timeframe where it could have been a digital file on a computer but it wasn’t. It was a physical tape that was stolen from the house and the fact that they were hot celebrities meant that video was worth some big money. So, it wasn’t a publicity stunt. No evidence points toward that. But it did get some publicity and eyes were watching.

Kim Kardashian Takes A Shot


After Kim Kardashian graduated high school, being a stylist and her famous last name gave her access to celebrities. Of course, she had known Paris Hilton since they were kids and she worked as a stylist for her as well at one point. But everyone knows how driven Kim is. She wasn’t going to stay a stylist to the stars forever. She wanted so much more for herself.

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The story goes that she tried to keep the video from getting leaked. Her lawyer tried to stop it and who knows if that’s true. Who knows if any of it’s true because she says she has never alerted the paparazzi about who she was dating and where they would be to make sure convenient pictures were taken of her? The family is the master of getting attention and it’s hard to tell. But the video did make her famous and that was all she wanted. Everything after that is, as they say, history.

Paris Hilton Had One Too


But if you know the dates, Paris Hilton’s video was leaked first in 2003. Kim’s didn’t come out until another four years. Of course, Paris didn’t need a leaked video to make her famous. She was already known as a socialite and the heiress of the Hilton empire.

With just this history of the trend, it would appear Kim’s was possibly the only one back then that was intentional. Pam and Tommy didn’t have anything to gain from it. Paris Hilton didn’t either. But Kim watched her life go in places she wasn’t able to take it before and that has meant all the difference. Look it up anywhere and what you’ll find is that it was at that moment her life was changed.

If you’ve come to see the new batch leaked of hot celebrity photos and videos, the intimate and steamy stuff they tried to keep private, you can enjoy them here: