Since 2000, I have been writing books and screenplays for visionaries who need an expert writer to bring their story to life. The landscape has changed over the years, but I started offering my services on an ancient website called Moonlighter.

Years ago, Moonlighter merged into Guru, and new features were added for writers and clients to have a better work experience. Upwork also provided writers and clients with a great place to find each other. While I still have profiles on these sites for potential clients to find me, these platforms have shifted in their focus and quality, inspiring me to simply offer my services directly to you.

Books I’ve written for clients can be found on Amazon as well as other sites that sell books. Screenplays I’ve written for clients have been produced and distributed on streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and Prime.


  • Ghostwriting for books and screenplays
  • Story planning and development
  • Editing and Formatting
  • Publishing Consultation and Publishing Services
  • Screenplay Consultation and Industry Contact Assistance

If you have a writing project, bring it to me. I’ll turn your dream into a reality.