The Waffle House Experience Is As American As…

Waffle House

In my early days of travel after only having my license for a few years, I loved getting in the car in the evenings and driving all night in the peace and solitude of the open road. The highways were empty and the Waffle House was open at all hours. That was an American experience I would have recommended to anyone who liked a little adventure with their trips.

Life got in the way and my travels up and down the highways became a thing of my past for a few years. When I picked it back up after my divorce and my daughter was fully grown, I felt a bit nostalgic and stopped into a Waffle House on a trip from Maryland to Florida. It was on the outskirts of Tampa and it was early in the morning, about the time the dancers were off work and hungry. They took up about three tables and they were just as flirty while eating pancakes as they were in the club hustling drinks.

You never know what you’re going to get when you walk into a Waffle House. What’s interesting is that it’s pretty much the same whether it’s 4 am or 2 pm. It can be peaceful one moment and all hell can break out the next. The thing is that the great old House of Waffles is such a part of America, there’s not a thing about it that can’t be compared to us.

It can be a peaceful place to eat but it can also be just like the Wild Wild West where anything goes. Everyone’s just trying to get through life as best they can and the drama doesn’t make anything any better but it gives people with cellphones and social media platforms something to talk about. If that hasn’t become what America is, I don’t know what else comes close.

The Waffle House Proposal

What a way to win her over! You can tell they’re perfect for each other. He bought her a waffle and put a ring on it. In return, she got him beef jerky.

They have couple goals and they just leveled up. If you’re going to take anything away from this, it’s how relationships should work. Get to know each other so well that you can make sure you’re on the same page. That way when you propose, it’s as easy as this. Nothing has to feel forced when you find the right one.

Protest And Unrest

Not everything is peaches and cream though in the Waffle House multiverse. There are customers and then there are employees. The employees have several jobs that include cooking and serving, but also sometimes bouncing, therapy, nursing, refereeing, and law enforcement.

It’s a $4 billion industry and for what they have to put up with, those cooks and servers don’t deserve minimum wage. They are the backbone of Americana who make the WH everything that it is and that it stands for. They deserve to be paid for all that they do, which on many occasions isn’t on the menu.

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Warning: Slight Chance Of Nudity

When you attend a Waffle House dinner, don’t be surprised if you get a show with it. I can hardly make out what this fight is about but that’s half the fun. It could be about world-changing events like the cook accidentally putting American instead of Cheddar in an omelet. Or it could be the pettiest drama like some saucy comments made under their breath about who’s seeing who.

Either way, this World Star Entertainment was destined to go down. Of course, we got more than we bargained for when a pair of breasts showed up toward the end. But in her defense, you can’t worry about what’s flopping around when you have someone in a headlock with one hand and punching with the other.

How is it possible that Katsuhiro Harada doesn’t understand the significant role a Waffle House could play in Tekken? The franchise should be in Grand Theft Auto and every rip-off of a game that’s trying to be real to the gamer. It’s an American experience that you take at your own risk when you enter those doors.

You can either walk away satisfied with your meal or limping with stitches. It really is the role of the dice. If Harada put it in the game, he just might sell a few more copies.