Why Don’t Teachers Get Paid As Much As Athletes?

Jack Black

I have often heard the debate where people have honestly asked why teachers don’t make as much money as professional football players or basketball players. Of course, that extends to all celebrities because there is a little feature in economics that makes this happen.

Of course, if anyone was really that concerned about it, all they would have to do is reset their priorities. Let’s explore how it would be possible for teachers to make the money that celebrities make because, as we all know, their job is just as important, if not more.

It would begin with everyone in the local community visiting their favorite school or as many as they would like and giving the secretary money. They can do that every payday or once a week. It’s up to them as long as they do it regularly so that the money can be given out to the teachers every month or twice a month as bonuses. That way, they could live in million-dollar mansions and drive half-a-million-dollar cars just like celebrities.

Of course, that would mean, in this opposite world, that the athletes would then have to apply for a job to as many sports teams as they need until they are finally hired. The teams would be supported by the local government, and the athletes would have a salary. There would also be a discretionary fund for activities beyond the scope of their normal duties, but it wouldn’t be much. The government likes taking money, but it’s not a fan of giving it back out.

So, for equipment and uniforms, they could do fundraisers like have a bake sale or sell hoagies. Those are always good for a little extra money. Crowdfunding has exploded as a feasible way to make extra money that the athletes might need. Of course, they can always come out of pocket and fund some of these things on their own, like gas for the bus to take them out of town for away games.

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No one’s trying to give them a free ride here. They’re going to have to come up with some creative ways to raise the money they need in order to do their jobs. One good idea is if these athletes know a teacher they can invite to a fundraiser dinner. That would be special. If the teacher could give a speech and possibly even sign autographs for a little extra cash, they’d definitely make that money and might even be able to buy a new pair of shoes.

But as we all know, that’s not how our priorities are set. Teachers often have to come out of their pockets for supplies their students might need, and they do it with grace because, after all, being a teacher takes a certain type of giving spirit, and that’s why they are who they are. Teachers do appreciate when parents help out, but honestly, just a word of encouragement every once in a while can make a teacher’s day.