Peaceful Protest Is No Longer Possible


It would be nice to have a peaceful protest instead of the riots and the burning buildings we’ve seen in our recent history. But there are two reasons why they don’t work and it’s a shame that this is our reality.

No one pays attention to a peaceful protest. Sitting in a designated area singing “Give Peace a Chance” is a nice way to gather and get to know people who are just as upset as you over whatever cause it is. But people walk by and wave, they smile gently as they go back to window shopping and enjoying their evening strolls down the peaceful streets.

A protest like that doesn’t get anyone’s attention. It’s not loud enough and it doesn’t cause anyone any alarm. It’s said that the squeaky wheel gets the attention. As we’ve learned throughout history, if people aren’t yelling at the top of their lungs and being disruptive in some way, no one cares. They might try to show they care in their Faceygrams and Instatweets but their actions won’t back up their words because a peaceful protest just isn’t inspiring enough.

So, the solution might seem to be to step it up a notch, or a few notches. But that just won’t be allowed. Protestors will be playing right into the government’s hands as soon as they decide to intensify their actions, even if they all agree to keep their protest legal. On the surface, the government says that it invites lawful assembly but deep down inside, it doesn’t like being criticized and it has its methods of legally shutting down a protest.

Ask yourself, is it that hard to believe that government agents will infiltrate peaceful protestors with the purpose of encouraging them to violence? An even more revealing question, is it that hard to believe that criminals who have been charged with crimes have been recruited to work for government agencies to get out of serving time by being used as actors to infiltrate peaceful protests and incite protestors to violence?

When Ray Epps was part of the January 6 rioters, he urged fellow rioters, “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol … peacefully.” Then, on January 6, another video surfaced of him saying, “As soon as the president is done speaking, we go to the Capitol.”

Epps was charged and given a year of probation for his involvement. But he became a target of the right and received death threats. There were people calling him a Fed on the day of the insurrection. When asked, the Justice Department, “Couldn’t say whether FBI agents participated in the insurrection because [they] couldn’t discuss ‘the specifics of sources and methods’ of the FBI.”

Then, the House released the FBI findings that there was no insurrection. That makes things very confusing since there are people being prosecuted for their involvement in the insurrection and it is still being termed that by our government as well as a justice system across the land. So, was it or wasn’t it?

That’s a question the government should have to face or will it be another thing that goes unnoticed while it distracts your attention away from that document? Either way, Ray Epps is a Marine who got caught up in the action just like everyone else who was there. It’s called mob mentality and when you’re in it, it’s hard to pull yourself back out of it.

Ray Epps on 60 Minutes

The following clip with Jim Gaffigan on the Joe Rogan Experience begins with a talk about Trump and Biden that was months ago. In light of Trump’s conviction, it didn’t age well. But only a few minutes into their discussion, they start talking about the insurrection and Joe Rogan talks about Federal involvement on January 6.

Choose what you want to believe but I don’t find it hard to believe at all. It really isn’t just about the Feds either. When peaceful people try to have a protest on a subject that is particularly triggering, there are going to be bad actors from both sides who will come with the intent of stirring up trouble. Expect it to happen.

Be prepared to be caught up in a potentially dangerous situation with bad actors from both sides who want to push violence as well as a militarized police force ordered to step in and stop violence. And if the bad actors don’t show, expect the government to whip it up themselves because, how dare any American question the sovereignty of this government and disrespect the moral ground it stands on?

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If you read that without laughing, it’s a shame you’ve lost your sense of humor over all this.

Did Feds Turn Protest Into Insurrection?