The Phenomenal Scarlett Johansson Occurrence Of 2005

Scarlett Johansson

It’s a crazy phenomenon that happens in real-time, making it very hard to explain. When Scarlett Johansson was on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2005, something strange took place, and you won’t believe your eyes.

Some sleuth must have gone through footage of the Oscars from years ago, or maybe it’s a Scarlett Johansson stalker who found this clip. But it has finally emerged after all these years, and it’s a wonder no one caught it until recently. Well, we’re talking about it now.

When one of my favorite actresses was asked about the moment of the evening she most liked, she answered that it was when Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor for Drama. This brings back memories. RIP Philip. At the height of his brilliant career, his life was taken from him in 2014. He was only 46 years old.

Back to the original topic at hand, it is at the very moment when she gives her answer that a lady appears behind her. Then, she seems to disappear as if going through a portal into another universe.

I can certainly understand why this phenomenon went unnoticed. Fans were paying attention to her because she demands attention when she’s in the room, and it’s hard to notice anything else going on around her.

Where did she go? I have a theory. No, it’s a good one. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Notice the guy who follows the lady behind her. He seems to step around an obstacle and emerge on the other side. It’s just the angle that makes the lady seem to disappear.

Scarlett Johansson has her own take when she adds more insight into what’s going on here. On Jimmy Fallon, Scarlett sees the footage for the first time, and what she reveals is priceless. She claims that the lady is her mother, and Jimmy doesn’t seem to believe her but thinks it’s a great joke delivered right on time.

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