Little Tug Liked To Party With Sexy Ladies On His Yacht


Tugger is his actual name. But he goes by Tug and it was on his day off when he decided to take his yacht for a spin to look for a good time. Of course, sexy ladies are what first came to mind.

He knew one way to get it done was to cruise around and see what he could find. It was a nice sunny day. It shouldn’t have been that hard for him to find a party and get things started.

Jen seemed like she would be helpful. She was just floating on the waters and she did give him the time of day when he asked if there was anything interesting going on for him to do. She leaned toward him as if telling him a secret the world was holding, there is always something interesting and if he looked hard enough, he might even find something special.

Then, he asked if she’d like to join…


She kept smiling that beautiful smile but unfortunately, she shook her head. She had come out to do some turtle-watching for a college project that was due. When Tug asked if he could help, she encouraged him to go on his way and enjoy his day. She assured him that there was no reason to turtle watch with her on his day off.

Such a nice lady, Tug thought. So, he scooted off to find someone else who might want to do a little boating with him on his yacht. That’s when he spotted Samantha. She winked at him flirtatiously and that was all the invitation he needed.

The next thing she knew, he was floating right beside her boat, the waters bobbing up and down. She looked him over and asked what he wanted. But he soon learned she wasn’t what he was looking for when she looked him in the eye and gave him her reply.

Boating isn’t cheap and he couldn’t afford her…

That confused him. To him, it was simple math. He had the boat and if she was willing, what more did they need?

When he looked at her with that blank look in his eye, she didn’t offer him any more information. That was all she was willing to say. And when she saw that he wasn’t reaching for his wallet anytime soon, she knew that was his answer.

So, Tug shook his head as he went on his way. It wasn’t long before he bumped into someone else but this conversation would be his life changer. Wendy was floating by herself and enjoying the sun when Tug came up alongside her.

She gave him the side eye and asked what she could do for him. That’s when Tugger learned a little something about himself.

She looked him over and told him to get real. That’s not a yacht. How was he supposed to party with all these sexy ladies he kept bugging when that’s what he was working with?

Tug’s heart sank. His boat found it hard to stay afloat. The wind in his sail had been deflated.

Tug hadn’t once thought his boat was the issue. He had taken it joyriding before. He had put it in more times than he could count. He had even gotten in trouble with it so he thought it was definitely a bad boy.

But Wendy had let him know that wasn’t the case. He was going to have to slow his roll. There was only so much he could do with that thing.


As he thought back throughout the day at all the sexy ladies he had met, he started to realize that there was something they had all been trying to tell him. Some of them were just too nice to come out and say it. They would just smile at him, hoping he would get the hint.

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Some would straight-up laugh without letting him in on their little inside joke. That’s why he was so clueless. What he thought was a yacht was nothing more than a little tugboat. Then, he realized that’s how he got this name. It was like the entire universe had been trying to tell him something. But he refused to listen.

It was all starting to sink in. Who wanted anything to do with Tugger? He was going to have to take his boating adventures on his own.

But facts have a way of coming through. That’s what Tug was about to learn when he bumped into two girls who were just hanging around.


They were nice girls with nothing else to do. They didn’t mind his company and didn’t care what he was working with. If anything, they liked his sense of humor and the way he made them laugh.

While he was talking, he was actually feeling a vibe. He didn’t know if what he was feeling was real because of what Wendy had said. But in there lies the truth.

When one lady sees a boat, another sees her yacht.


When he asked them if they’d like to climb aboard, they asked if they could take turns. A boat always needs steering whether the captain is at the helm or not. So, he didn’t see much problem with that.

That’s all they needed to hear. They were excited to check out his yacht and even more excited to get a little wet.


Of course, that’s what the day was about. That’s what Tug had wanted from the moment he started on this journey. The thing is that not only did they come, but they brought all the fun.

Once girls saw the party hopping, they came knocking. A good time tends to draw attention and when the water started making waves, the other boats naturally gravitated his way.

How many could he handle?

Before long, he had a real party on his hands. With everything popping, his boat started rocking. There were so many girls, he didn’t know what to do with himself. Then tragedy struck as the party hit full stride.

Life has a funny way of playing pranks on us all. Just when things are going good, that’s when the worst will most likely happen. That’s also when you find out who you’re friends are and who was only there for the good parts.

The party was over. The girls went their separate ways. They were making calls on their way off and already lining up their next thing. He had no idea they could bail that fast. It was enough to blow his mind and make his head spin.

That’s when he heard her voice, “I’m still here.”

He turned around and saw the one girl who had been checking him out all day. She liked what she saw and she had been patiently waiting to take his tugboat for a ride.

Tugger doesn’t party like he used to. His boat is no longer new and it can’t handle all that these days. He has finally come to the realization that it has aged gently.

But that’s okay because she’s not worried about all that. She knows how to get that engine revving and make it take a couple of trips around the lake. To Tug, that’s all that matters to him anyway.