The Kangaroo Kick Is Turning The Internet Upside Down

Kangaroo Kick

Maxwell Jacob Friedman showed up at AEW and gave the world a show. His Kangaroo Kick is all the rage and I’m going to try to start a new phrase. He’s “turning the internet upside down.”

Remember when they used to say she “broke the internet.” I never really got it because the internet was still there. It was still working. I think someone came up with it to describe Kim Kardashian. There was a picture of her pouring champagne into a glass on her butt if I’m remembering things right.

Kim Kardashian
via Paper

Of course, she stopped a lot of people from doing what they were doing because they had to gawk at that picture. So, the internet was at a standstill. That could be said. No one was doing anything else because every jaw dropped. There was drool, so much drool. And that’s a fair way of putting it. She put the internet on halt. It just doesn’t have the same gusto as saying, she broke the internet.

When MJF dropped his Kangaroo Kick, he turned the internet upside down. The internet didn’t stop. It’s not broken. It survived and it’s still going. But the fact is that his fans are going crazy. And there’s something else about this clip, too.

He’s on something, right? He got a hold of some good stuff or something’s going on there. Maybe he had a few extra Red Bulls, but he’s lit. He has energy surging through his veins, coming out of his eyes. That’s just too much for me. I got tired just watching it. That was my exercise for the day, just watching this video clip.

Look at those eyes! If it were just the picture to take completely out of context and not the video to go with it to show the Kangaroo Kick, what would you think he’s about to do? Is he a serial killer or something? Is he at a party about to do the keg stand for the fifth time in a row? Whatever it is, there are no good intentions in those eyes.

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