Joe Rogan And Oliver Anthony Joking About Millionaires Bashing Billionaires

Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony is blowing up and everyone wants to be a part of it. Talking to Joe Rogan who can relate to what he’s talking about, the latest sensation went into everything that’s going on in his new life and they touched on the hilarious occurrence when millionaires bash billionaires for not being able to relate.

Oliver Anthony has been in the spotlight now for a few weeks at the most because his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” blew up from out of nowhere. Just a simple musician with a microphone, a guitar, and a camera playing his song with his dogs running around him, wondering what was going on. But that song became a hit overnight and so did he.

Now, he’s being invited everywhere. His simple life on his land in Virginia is over because he has performances and appearances that are dominating his schedule. The latest was his appearance on Joe Rogan Experience and the two of them had a great time talking because while Oliver Anthony is adjusting to this new life, Joe Rogan has lived it and he’s offering good advice to the musician who’s currently sitting at No. 1.

But this clip is funny when Joe talks about “Dwight” from The Office. Joe didn’t even take the time to look up that the man’s name is Riann Wilson but talked about the comments he made recently that bashed billionaires a bit.

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You might want to watch the whole thing though because from the start, it’s very good. Talk about misinformation. People made fake memes of Oliver Anthony five minutes after he started blowing up.

He talks about how trolls started ripping off a shirt he was wearing to support a veteran organization. That’s the world for you. When you try to do something right, some troll will come along to try to capitalize on it rather than trying to do something awesome themselves.