Parkour Runner Almost Loses His Life Falling From High Rise


Parkour is exciting to watch and it’s amazing when the absolute lunatic jumping from high place to high place actually knows what they’re doing. The problem is that even the most seasoned expert can get it wrong sometimes and it can be deadly.

Sometimes, it’s not so bad. Parkour athletes might run through the streets and jump over concrete planters before hopping to the handrail on steps, and then flipping to the ground where they roll and then take off running again. Of course, they can get hurt. They can end up with a concussion. But as far as Parkour is concerned, there is minimal risk when on the ground.

Try jumping around when you’re 12 stories in the air. That’s when everything changes. When you’re high enough to need a parachute in case you fall, that’s the maximum amount of risk these crazy headcases can take. That’s risking falling to your death and it has happened.

It’s sad to hear about an athlete who was challenging themselves to be the best they could be but they made a misstep. It’s even worse when it’s on video for everyone to watch. Places like Worldstar will show the awful tragedy while platforms like YouTube will yank it down for being too violent.

In this case, the guy is looking down from the top of this high rise and he shows where he plans on running. You can see the street below and how far he has to fall if he doesn’t do it right. This is the kind of Parkour that can make your sphincter pucker, otherwise known as the Pucker Factor. Everyone knows what that is because it’s hard to control it. It’s a natural reaction that takes place when we see something dangerous and it’s like we’re putting ourselves in that danger.

The Parkour Pucker Factor

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