Skydiving Stunt Claims Daredevil’s Life: Watch At Your Own Risk


He was an experienced base jumper who had jumped many times before. But this skydiving accident would be his last.

Nathy Odinson knew what he was doing was dangerous and that he was in an area he was not allowed. If he had been arrested, he would have been alive today to talk about his attempt to jump from a 29-story building in Thailand. In fact, there were several flags that should have kept him from going through with his stunt.

Nathy’s brother Ed Harrison took one look at the video and immediately knew what was wrong. To understand the technicalities of this jump, notice that Nathy is holding a pilot chute in his hand. When he jumps and let’s that go, it catches air and the line pulls the main chute out of his pack.

What Ed noticed is the line wan’t routed right. it was routed through his harness, which means it wasn’t going to pull the main chute. If anyone had noticed this error, it could have been fixed. But neither Nathy nor his friend who was filming seemed to have put the parachute through the right checks. If they had, they would have caught the error.

When skydiving, it’s important to not only check the chute, but also walk through the process of jumping each time you jump. But daredevils start to think they can cut corners when they get hundreds of jumps in, which Nathy seems to have done. He looks like he’s in a rush and not paying attention to what’s important.

That’s not the kind of mentality you want to have when what’s at stake is your life. Deaths occur every year from freak accidents. But for a daredevil who is responsible for his own fate, it’s a shame that he didn’t take the time to make sure to reduce the risk as much as possible. Jumping from a height of 29-stories can only end one of two ways. The ideal way is that it’s successful. Then, there’s the other way.

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