Pilot Delivers Baby While Flying Plane

pilot delivers baby

Jakarin Sararnrakskul was the pilot aboard the VietJet flight heading to Bangkok from Taipei, Taiwan when an emergency was brought to his attention. For some reason, he was the one who had to spring into action and bring a new baby into this world.

Jakarin Sararnrakskul is a proud father himself, so he had no qualms about assisting the mother in labor. I’m sure she would have chosen a better place than in midflight to have her child, but there she was. She was in the toilet of the plane with a pilot who had come to her rescue.

With the baby in his arms, he wrote on Instagram, “I have been a pilot for 18 years. I just helped a newborn baby on the plane.”

It’s a very heroic thing Jakarin Sararnrakskul had to step up and do. But I have so many questions and it begins with, wasn’t there anyone else who could have saved the day?

There was an entire crew aboard the flight. I’m sure out of all of them, there might have been one who knew how to deliver a baby. If not, there should be a training course for it. Because I think there’s an inherent flaw in the current plan.


I’m just saying, I know there is most likely a co-pilot on the plane who can assist in flying. But how about this? Why doesn’t the co-pilot deliver the baby and let the pilot do the flying?

It’s just a thought. The pilot has a lot of things to think about from takeoff to landing like where the plane is going to go and how it’s going to get there. I think that’s some pretty important stuff to worry about while flying the plane. It’s important to the passengers and the airline. I’m sure they’d like to see their plane land at its destination rather than at some other airport because the pilot lost focus.

But that’s neither here nor there. The fact that Jakarin was flying a plane and then had to rush back to the toilet and change gears is phenomenal. He literally took off his pilot cap and put on his doctor’s hat to help a baby come into this world.

The statistics on this are even more strange. According to a 2020 study by the International Society of Travel Medicine, there have been 74 infants born on commercial flights from 1929 to 2018. It’s not a huge number but it happens more times than one would think.

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