F-35 Went AWOL And Is Facing Formal Charges


Going AWOL is no joke and the F-35 that took off the other day has some serious explaining to do. The Marines don’t take that kind of thing lightly.

It was a beautiful Sunday in Charlotte, South Carolina when an F-35 and her pilot decided to take a flight. They traveled quite a few miles until suddenly, the jet kicked the pilot to the curb and kept going.

According to NPR, “The U.S. military wants help finding the plane, which is believed to have crashed.” Which means, they don’t know for sure!

Everyone knows when you can’t find a jet, it took off for the coast and doesn’t plan on coming back. It’s an F-35 after all. Just a few years ago, the Marine Corps was flying F-18s and now they’re in F-35s. In just a few years, they’ve gone through the F-19, the F-20, the F-21, and now they’re up to the F-35. It won’t be long before the F-36 comes along and they’ll watch it walk by forgetting who they’re holding hands with.


So, the jet kicked her pilot to the curb before the pilot had a chance to do it to her. The problem is, you can’t just run away from the United States Marine Corps. They look down on that sort of thing.

They will hunt her down and if they find her, she might be facing a dishonorable discharge. But if I know anything, she’ll be kicking it on some tropical beach with a drink in her hand in no time. Going 1,200 mph at top speed, she’s probably already there.

Asking people to help look for a missing jet is as bad as it gets. Doesn’t she have a tracking device? Of course, she does. It’s the thing that Air Traffic Control uses to watch planes in their airspace. You know all those dots going in different directions on the computer screens in front of them? That’s what they are. Where is she?

There’s all kinds of stuff. Even an app like Life360 can do it. If I can keep track of where my phone is, why can’t the military find its own jet?

They need to get on that though because if it crashes in the wrong neighborhood, it will get stripped down and sold for parts. We’ll start seeing ads on Craigslist like, “F-35 muffler for sale. Dirt cheap. Just a little damage.”

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