Nudity In Hollywood Is Reaching New Levels

Jennifer Lawrence

We’re not talking about adult films with all their nudity that really should stop trying to class up the joint with lines and acting. These are films and television shows that you can find on Netflix or Hulu that are flashing all the junk without any hesitation.

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Hollywood has changed quite a bit. There used to be laws governing the nudity in films and television shows. It went pretty much like this. In films, the nudity had to be modest. Boobs and butt were about all you could expect to see. And for television, it was a no until HBO came along in the 70s.

But that has changed. Hollywood is a brave new world and they are showing everything now. In No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence walks across the beach totally naked and beats the crap out of kids who are trying to take her clothes. She is literally showing everything and she even body slams one of the guys. It is hilarious because it’s totally unexpected, but wow! What were the negotiations like when they were talking to Jennifer about this level of nudity?

I haven’t seen the scenes yet, but Poor Things is getting standing ovations for the sex it offers. Of course, Emma Stone does have to act like an awkward person because she was brought back to life after committing suicide. She returns naive and in the trailer, even the way she walks is strange. So, imagine the sex scenes having that same awkward motion. Plus, reviewers who have been blessed with watching the movie before its official release are going crazy over how wild it is.

I got into The Righteous Gemstones because it makes fun of all the stereotypes of the fake religious family who is making a fortune and building an empire. But wow! All the penis in the show. I don’t know what it’s trying to say, that penis is funny or just trying to make a statement that there isn’t enough male nudity in shows. But now I know what it’s like when females complain about all the Dick Pics they get in their inbox. Just like them, they didn’t ask and they didn’t want Dick Pics in their faces every day when they are simply trying to enjoy some social media. Here I am, trying to watch a show and smack, the penis slaps the screen and I’m not trying to see all that. Who is?

I’m trying to catch up on Killing It and there it is again. Craig is forced to live in a gym in Season 1 Episode 3 because of his dire circumstances and while he’s on the phone with his daughter, a guy drops his change. It’s a lot of it. Probably a couple of dollars. So, he gets down on the floor to pick up his money. The problem is, he doesn’t have any underwear on, not even a towel around his waist. There I am with butthole and penis in my face again. If this is any indication how the show is going to go, I have a feeling it might turn into another The Righteous Gemstones.

It’s about time we dropped all of our inhibitions about nudity and sex. But I hope people keep wearing clothes in public. We don’t need that much nudity.