The Irony Of Letting A Murderer Out Of Prison Because It Could Kill Him


No one ever said that prison life was nice. But this story is ridiculous beyond all stretches of the imagination.

It is the saddest story about breadcrumbs that I have ever heard. Dimitri Fricano was on vacation with his girlfriend, Erika Preti. They were in Sardinia, seemingly enjoying a good time, when all that changed in the blink of an eye. The story goes that he was on the bed in their hotel eating, and she started complaining about the mess he was making.

So, he got up and stabbed her…57 times. Because when someone is complaining about breadcrumbs, you have to stab them 57 times. Erika’s life was taken from her that day, and no one had a chance to plead her case or fight for her life.

But Dimitri gets that luxury. The incident happened in 2017, and it took until 2019 for his case to go to court, where he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. However, because of COVID, he didn’t even step inside one until April 2022. He was 260 lbs. at the time he went in, and because of the diet, he has fattened up to a nice plump 440 lbs.

Because of health concerns, they are going to let him out of prison to serve the rest of his time under house arrest at his parent’s house. The prison appears to be unable to provide him with the food he needs to keep his weight down. In fact, they are concerned the diet will kill him. How ironic is that? A convicted murderer is being let out of prison because they have concerns that the diet might kill him!

I have a better idea! Make him work for the food he needs in order to keep his weight down. It’s always about money, and if the prison can’t afford the food for the special diet he needs, there are other ways to pay for it. Either his parents could cut a check to buy the food, or they could put him to work within the prison where he is able to generate the extra money he needs to keep himself healthy.

Instead, he gets to go home and hang out with his parents, play video games, and eat great food that his Momma makes. He’s a convicted murderer, and he’s being handed the easiest sentence I have ever seen in my life. He is in Italy, though, and that’s their decision. Don’t expect to get away with that in America. At least, I don’t think we’d ever do something that ridiculous. Of course, I’m surprised every day. I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

After having a news story when it first broke translated from Italian to English, it appears he tried to blame the murder on a burglar, but obviously, that didn’t add up. There was too much evidence to prove he was full of it.

Disclaimer: It’s not the smoothest translation, but if you can get over a few hiccups, the story is all there.

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