Kicked In The Nuts: Pranks That Go Too Far

Kicked in the Nuts

Kicked in the Nuts was huge back in the day because a guy with an orange wig ran up to random people and actually kicked them in the nuts. The program made its point, but it didn’t make it good enough.

Mike and Patrick Henry are brothers who were behind the Kicked in the Nuts prank show. They actually walked into a Hollywood meeting, and the top execs thought it would be a great idea to prank people in extreme ways. They had the premise that people would be forgiving just because they were on a hidden camera show, even if it caused them great harm.

This was back in the early 2000s, and the Henry brothers looked at each other thinking the same thing. They knew these execs had lost their marbles. They were definitely assholes, that’s for sure. But the Henry brothers got a great idea out of it. They would end up setting up a prank show that was on a hidden camera. Only no one actually ever got kicked in the nuts. The prank was on the viewers.

It really was ridiculous when you think about it. But viewers believed it without a doubt. Mike Henry would run up to people looking like a clown and just randomly kicked them in the nuts with everything he had. They would fall in pain, and some guys would look like they were about to fight. But then, Mike would say, “Hey, my friend. You just got kicked in the nuts.” Then, he’d point at the camera.

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That would change everything. Looks of anger became smiles. They’d laugh and hug. It was hilarious. A prank show on prank shows. Even though it proved its point, it didn’t stop anyone from doing increasingly more dangerous pranks. The thing is that these pranks that go too far are never at the expense of the prankster. It’s always at the expense of the unsuspecting victim, and there is very real danger involved.

Just to be real about it for a moment, they are some real dumbasses. That’s what the Henry brothers were trying to say way back then. Why didn’t anyone listen? Do it for the likes.