What Does iPhone 15 Have To Do To Beat iPhone 14?

iPhone 15

How much better can a phone get when it has everything a person could possibly need? We’re about to find out with the iPhone 15 because it’s about to come out and then we’ll know what we’ve been missing all along.

The phone was invented to make phone calls so that we didn’t have to run down the street to show our neighbors what we were having for dinner. Dial a few simple numbers and it would ring. Then, they would pick up and it was like they were right in the room.

Well, we did that for a while. Phone calls were the next best thing after clothing and alcohol. Those inventors had great imaginations back then. They came up with great stuff like air conditioning and umbrellas, the small ones you put in drinks. But the phone was a big deal and there was no way it was going to get any better.

Then, they started adding features. First, they unhooked the receiver from the base so that people could walk around their houses talking to each other. Then, they unhooked them from the wall, period, so that kids could walk around town and talk on them all day.

But what’s talking? The phone was made for so much more than that. It was made for a level of communication that doesn’t require talking. And just like the Swiss Army Knife, we saw the potential to turn the phone into so much more than something that simply makes phone calls. What a waste!

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Years later, we have the iPhone 15 about to come out. Not only can it hold every app known throughout the galaxy but it does so much more than that. It can read your mind and order things from Amazon before you know you need them. It can contact a select few of your friends and let them know that you’d like to sit around looking at your phones together. It’s an amazing device.

Seriously though, I think we’ve done about all we can do with phones. Of course, the geniuses at the Apple store will prove me wrong but I don’t personally need them to do anything else. The solutions in this parody would work for me though.