Andrew Trail Is Blowing Up For Mugshot

Andrew Trail

Andrew Trail may not like the way he’s blowing up but he’s becoming internet famous about right now. Who knows? It might turn out good for him just like it has in the past.

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Andrew Trail was booked into Kanawha, West Virginia with a charge of Home Confinement Violation. No big deal. He did something prior and must have been put on house arrest. He got cabin fever and decided to leave the house. Maybe he had good reason. Who knows?

Well, he’s getting some love from the internet for his mugshot. It reminds me of Jeremy Meeks when his mugshot hit the internet in 2016. He became an overnight sensation. Sometimes, people don’t care what you might have done. They see that mugshot and they’re ready to start writing letters, hoping they make it to the inmate.

Jeremy Meeks is now a model sitting on about $5 million. His mugshot going famous didn’t hurt him at all. Not in any way.

So, Andrew Trail could be the next. By the time he comes out, he might have some modeling agencies contacting him to see if he’d like a career in modeling. At the very least, he might get some marriage proposals. They like him that much.

Those are just the comments on his mugshot page. Some girls on Facebook are already talking about their intentions.

Samantha Jo: He and I will be on the next season of “Love After Lockup”

Nikki Anderson: it’s not his fault that he looks THAT good in orange!

Kristi Engfurtner Dykes: Oh he got a dimple and errything. Dimple and lawyer debt

Alison Cooke Parker: I ain’t gonna lie here…he’s pretty

Debbie Smith: Um, he can serve house arrest at my house

I’m sure he could. This guy might be very surprised by the time he comes out of jail. He already has a fan club and that’s all it takes to get famous these days.