When A Bird Is The Solution To Your Money Problems


The solution to your money problems just flew in the window. All you need is a bird or a specific type of bird.

This is no joke as you’ll soon see when you watch the video below. Someone has a bird that brings them money. Where they get it, that’s anyone’s guess.

Hopefully, the bird flies around town and looks for cash people have dropped. Because the bird doesn’t speak any human language, it doesn’t have the ability to find that person and return it, “Sir, you dropped this. This is yours, right?”

It would be a shame if the bird was flying around and just taking money out of people’s hands. That would be horrible. Imagine yourself pulling cash out of your pocket to pay for a hotdog and all of a sudden, it’s flying away in a bird’s mouth.

What I’d really like to know is how all this got started. Was there a training session? Did this person train the bird to go rummaging for cash and bring it back to the house? That would be awesome. I never knew I could just train a bird to fly around and get me stuff. I might have to take a walk one day and find me a bird.

This particular bird looks happy to do it and it looks like he’s been doing it for a long time. He’s not afraid of the dog when the little sniffer sticks her nose in there to see what’s going on. Plus, he knows where to put the money. He has a drawer where he’s been storing money for what looks like a while.

He definitely has a nice cash haul and that’s called hustling. I wonder what the bird gets after all that. If a bird is bringing me cash, he’s got the golden cage with meals prepared by a chef and a big screen TV to watch Howard the Duck, The Crow, The Angry Birds Movie, anything he wants.