Mad Scientists Have Brought Spider Corpses Back To Life, In A Way

Mad Scientists

Here’s a Halloween story for you if you want to hear one, only it’s very true. Mad scientists, Faye Yap and Daniel Preston, have found a way to reanimate spider corpses and they think they have a really good reason for doing it.

Can you imagine living all your life climbing things and biting people, making webs and eating flies. Then, one day you die and think that’s it. You’re in your final resting place with your legs curled up to your body and you’re thinking, you’ve lived a full life. You’re happy.

Then all of a sudden, your dead legs start moving again. You have no control over it. You are being controlled by a puppetmaster who has designs for how to use your body. Now, you’re under the control of mad scientists who are using your body for their will.

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What are they going to do with you? Are they going to have you walk the earth biting as many people as you can? Are they going to turn you into a web designer, an occupation you had never considered while you were alive? But what do you know about the internet?

While the mad scientists are using your body for whatever they want, it’s decomposing. It’s being eaten from the inside out and that’s a video we need to see. It’s Halloween and that’s what we watch this time of year.

Actually, the mad scientists have a totally different idea in mind. They are using the spider’s natural hydraulic system to pick up small items. That’s it. That’s the study. They don’t need to create small hydraulic systems that can grip small things when they can simply manipulate a dead spider’s body to do it.

Amazing stuff, really! You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. I like my idea better. The thought of having mad scientists create zombie spiders in their dark labs is too good. If there was anything else in this world, I would want that to happen.