That Moment Lisa Kudrow Taught Taylor Swift ‘Smelly Cat’

Taylor Swift

It was an interesting snapshot in history that will go down as one of the greatest Taylor Swift moments of all time. Of course, there was a special guest, and she made it all that much better.

So that there is no confusion, this was during Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour. The tour took place in 2015. So, that helps make sense of what’s happening when you suddenly see Phoebe Buffay come on stage with her guitar.

That’s right. Taylor Swift invited Lisa Kudrow on stage to perform as Pheobe Buffay. What messed up most of us who weren’t there was that the timeline didn’t seem to make sense. First of all, Taylor Swift was born in 1989. Obviously, she wasn’t performing in 1989.

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Also, Friends didn’t air until 1994. So, Phoebe Buffay wasn’t a character anyone would have known in 1989. Finding out that The 1989 World Tour took place in 2015 suddenly made sense to all of us who had to do some serious catching up.

Now that we’re all on the same page, Taylor Swift stops the show to introduce a special guest. She says that the lady about to come on stage has only performed in coffee shops, which I love because that shows how much everyone was committed to the bit. When Phoebe steps on stage, the fans go wild.

They go even more nuts when Phoebe announces that the song she’s going to sing is “Smelly Cat.” Of course, Phoebe did perform other songs during the running of Friends. But “Smelly Cat” by far is the fan favorite and perfect for the occasion.

The best part comes when Taylor Swift is singing the song, and Phoebe stops her to teach her how to sing it. Classic! They nailed it, and it shows how big of a star Taylor Swift was back then to be able to get Phoebe Buffay on stage with her. How big of a star is she now? It’s hard to fathom!

-She has more money than the King of England.
-She watches a football game, and viewership breaks records that day.
-She dates a football player, and his jersey sales start going through the roof.
-Her tour is boosting the economy everywhere she goes.
-She touched a dead pigeon, and it flew away.