Spotlight On Angela Nikolau And The Most Dangerous Selfie

Angela Nikolau

Angela Nikolau is living her best life, taking pictures and videos of herself in some of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world. But she has attracted most of her attention by living dangerously, and I mean doing extremely dangerous stunts for the likes.

Angela Nikolau is a Russian blogger, but she could be a model. Her Wikipedia page lists her modeling work with such brands as “Cartier, Kenzo, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Samsung, Pandora, Jo Malone, and Formula I.” But then it states that there is no citation for that. While there are plenty of websites out there referring to her as a model, there isn’t any evidence that she’s ever worked in the industry. All I’m trying to say is she could.

Angela Nikolau living on the edge

Yes, modeling could be in her future if she wanted it. But I think she’s just having too much fun taking selfies all around the world and being her own boss. She goes to concerts, and she brings her energy. She goes to the beach, and she brings her beauty. She gets to do what she wants to do, and there is good money in what she’s doing, especially when she’s been doing it as long as she has and has gained over 700K followers. This is her first Instagram post from ten years ago.

Looking through her photos on Instagram, which is like a bottomless pit of awesome experiences, she has a love for art and stunning beauty. But there is a dark side to her, and it often comes out in mysterious ways.

Her dark side often shows itself in her breathtaking selfies from some of the highest places in the world. When I first saw this selfie, the first thought I had was how in the world she avoided a sudden gust of wind blowing through and taking her to her death. This is the selfie that has been noted by various publications as “The Most Dangerous Selfie In The World.”

Sometimes, she puts her life in someone else’s hands.

But most of the time, she takes all the risks herself.

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And to be honest, it was after looking through all her work that here is where I fell in love.

And for bonus material, watch her ride away…