Snoop Dogg Shares Video Of Mistaken Identity

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a good sport, and he shows that side of himself all the time. This time, it’s over a passenger on a flight who was mistaken for him, and several passengers, as well as a now famous flight attendant, never double-guessed themselves about it.

“I know he isn’t Snoop Dogg now, but I originally did think it was him, and he was so very sweet with a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face,” flight attendant Chrissy Lofton told the New York Post. “He may be a lookalike, but he was very much a gentleman, and I’m still glad he was on my flight and left several people with a memorable flight.”

Chrissy Lofton was working a Southwest Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale when she saw a man she mistook for Snoop Dogg. Obviously a huge fan, she asked for a selfie, and the man’s cousin obliged. He also got a video that he enjoyed posting to the internet because he was getting a kick out of it. Of course, he and his Snoop Dogg lookalike cousin shared a laugh about their inside secret.

But one thing they didn’t do. They didn’t correct her. They kept it to themselves and let everyone believe he was the actual rapper, which was a good thing. They didn’t ruin the moment for anyone. It was a noble choice even though they would all eventually find out, and now, they’re all part of the joke.

Lofton took it pretty well and even praised the passenger for being such a good guy about everything. It’s crazy how Snoop Dogg can make headlines, even when he had nothing to do with it. That speaks volumes for the man’s character, and that’s why he’s climbed so high and has all the fans he does. He’s a real one. They’re hard to find these days.

Of course, the internet has been making jokes about the situation and the flight attendant. In this day, that’s going to happen every time everyone does the simplest thing. The only thing for the flight attendant to do is laugh it off and move forward. News about her will fade as soon as the next thing comes along.

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