Odd Pregnancy: Two Babies, Two Wombs, One Mom


Kelsey Hatcher pulled off something that was rather unusual when she had her twins in mid-December last year. Her pregnancy goes down in the history books as a one-in-a-million mom who delivered two babies from two different wombs in two days.

That’s a bit strange, huh? When you hear something like that, you wonder how it’s even possible. Did I miss something in biology? But no, they don’t teach this because it happens to only .3% of women.

Her pregnancy was unique from the beginning because she was diagnosed as a teen with uterus didelphys. She has two uteruses, and even though she had bonafide fraternal twins, they each had their own womb.

via Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner

When Kelsey posted about the two-day birth, she joked that since they had their own wombs during the pregnancy, “They should just go ahead and have their own birthdays too.”

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Roxi Layla was the first to come out when she was born at 7:49 pm on December 19th, and she waited patiently for the next ten hours for her sister Rebel Laken to arrive at 6:09 am on December 20. They were delivered at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, and nurses couldn’t wait to get their selfie with her for the once-in-a-lifetime pregnancy I’m sure they will never forget.

via Instagram/doubleuhatchlings

Now, there are five kids in the family, which makes this story a little more strange. She had three regular pregnancies before her uterus didelphys activated and brought twins into her life through two different routes. That is phenomenal. Look at me, talking about uterus didelphys as if it’s a superpower that needed activating. I’m not a doctor, so I have no other way to describe it, but I would definitely say it’s a superpower.

Roxi and Rebel will have one great story to tell their whole lives, and I have so many questions that only time will answer. Will they look the same? Will they act the same? Will they be similar at all?

They’ve already started off life making their own statements in this world. I am going to take a guess and say that their lives are going to be drastically different, but both in a good way.