The 300 Beer Weekend Greatest YouTube Video Hits

YouTube Video

The 300 Beer Weekend YouTube video channel has brought fans many laughs over the years as well as interesting videos that have been shared worldwide. It’s been a fun ride, and it will continue, but I thought it was time to walk through some of the favorites that have been published over the years.

The first video ever to go crazy was a simple clip of Lil John saying, “Okay.” I thought people could use the clip in their social media or wherever that response would be a perfect contribution to any conversation. With 123K views at this point, it was the first time I ever saw those kinds of numbers.

The success of that YouTube video was followed by a cool invention. This man is dancing with a contraption attached to him that is holding his beer. He’s hands-free and really moving, but that beer isn’t going anywhere. Remarkable!

The number of views really jumped up, though, when I put together a video of hot teachers who were caught having sex with students. It’s just weird that these ladies are so beautiful and couldn’t find someone in their own age group.

Of course, the theme of hot women is always a good one. This time, I explore scenes in television when the most gorgeous of Hollywood has truly shined.

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Of course, sexy isn’t the only thing viewers are interested in when they come to YouTube. They also like funny, disgusting, and cringeworthy. The one thing these videos have had in common is they are landscape-oriented. Learning that more and more mobile users are using their phones to watch a YouTube video, I started doing shorts in portrait orientation.

To be funny, I’ll do anything. This one hit me one day when I happened to see this scene, and the joke that comes with it just came naturally. It wrote itself.

You never know where my next video idea is going to come from. I get inspiration from everywhere, and this one came from a CarMax commercial starring one of my favorite actresses, Jessica Williams.

And, of course, my videos draw a lot of attention when they are on a topic that is trending, like Taylor Swift. This YouTube video pokes fun at the haters, and the punch line is just too perfect.

The 300 Beer Weekend channel is going in different directions to provide funny and interesting entertainment. There will soon be a podcast that will also be on Spotify, Apple, and iHeart. I hope you enjoyed this journey through the greatest hits, and remember to subscribe if you would like to see what happens next.