Krispy Kreme Has A Process So Smooth You’ll Want Some Today

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has been in business since 1937, when it opened in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since then, it has grown to where it makes over a billion donuts a year and we eat every single one of them.

Obviously, Dunkin’ Donuts sells the most donuts a year at a whopping 2.9 billion, according to the Chicago Tribune. But Krispy Kreme is the next big seller with sales of 1.6 billion. According to Lovefood, one single store can make over 20,000 donuts a day, which comes to over 20 million a year. How amazing is that?

The process is so automated but not to the point where it cheapens the quality. Real flour is dumped in huge containers and mixed. That’s where the process begins, and it doesn’t go downhill from there. In fact, it gets more interesting.

People take tours through their local Krispy Kreme and snap pictures or make videos. Obviously, the process is very fast because if over 20,000 are being made a day, that’s over 20 donuts a minute, taking into account that a store is open on average 16 hours a day. So, get the camera out and get it ready because donuts are going to start flying by in no time.

Have you ever wondered how your local grocery store gets fresh Krispy Kreme donuts so fast? There are nearly 400 stores in the U.S. alone, which means that most likely, there’s one right down the street ready to deliver every day or even several times a day.

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I don’t know the logistics but I can imagine a truck fills up and goes on a route to deliver donuts all over the city and throughout the countryside. It’s like a newspaper route. The driver simply drives by and throws a box to a stocker who is ready to rush it out to the shelves.

That’s what I imagine and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. While you think about that, watch how they’re made. I know you’ll be making a trip out to get yourself some later today. They’re great with coffee and coffee tastes better when you drink out of my line of coffee cups. So, two plus two…