AI Doesn’t Like The Robot, Imagine That!

AI and Robot

My new book is being published on Patreon chapter by chapter before it’s released in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. So, I’m exploring interesting ways of making reading the book more entertaining, and some of that involves a little AI.

No! I’m not letting AI write the book for me. That’s insane. When AI started popping up all over the place, promising people it could write for them, I dreaded what was about to come. What will that do to writing? What will that do to writers?

So, I checked it out and laughed. My first thought was, thank goodness. It was the worst writing I could imagine, and I was very happy about that. If people care at all about the finished product, they won’t do it with AI.

But it does come in handy from time to time. I can create images that go along with the story. Then, an ad hit me about creating a short video, and I thought, what? Actually, that might be a good idea. If I can take a scene and make a gif out of it for the story, that might be worth doing.

So, I clicked on the ad and found an AI Video Generator with a prompt for words to describe the scene. So, I typed a scene that is in my book, “A bar full of college students with B.U. banners on the walls and the football game on every TV. A pool table sits in the middle of the room, and everyone has their faces in their smartphones.”


What I found ironic was in the next step. To make sure I was a real person, I had to check off that “I’m not a robot.” I had to tell the robot that I wasn’t one of them! AI doesn’t like it when other robots try to use it.

I think that’s discrimination. What if I was a robot, would I not be allowed to use AI to work for me? I’ve never seen anything discriminate against itself.


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