Tragic Footage Of Man Impaling Himself Proven Not Deep Fake

Deep Fake

Deep Fake videos can seem so real that everyone is guessing when they see something that doesn’t look right. But this footage of a man impaling himself has been proven to be true and not fake news.

In the video, there are bollards in a line between the sidewalk and the street. Suddenly, a man falls from the sky and lands on one of them. It’s like a scene from Ridiculousness. Only, you watch as the man’s hands drop to his side and realize that the bollard is up in him.

That’s when you stop exhaling. And it’s not deep fake. There is a whole write-up that is long-winded, but after you watch the video, I’ll summarize what it says.

Warning: This video is very shocking. Watch at your own risk!

I told you it was shocking. When his arms started to fall, that’s when I thought the man had left this world. But it’s not. The write-up about the incident explains in great detail how the police and a medical team arrived and attempted to save his life.
via Paris Police Prefecture

The report continues that on November 29, 2020, police and a medical team rushed to the scene and began the process of keeping him alive while finding a way to remove him from the bollard. They rushed him to Hospital Beaujon AP-HP in Clichy, France. He lived for an hour after that.

What the report states as the reason is that he jumped from the roof of a building and fell six stories to protest cars parking there. The location is on Rue de la Jonquière in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris.

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When a Spanish news station attempted to use the footage as proof of how authentic deep fake videos can seem, investigations led to the truth that it was leaked footage from the Paris Police Prefecture. Lawyers for the family are suing the Police for leaking the footage, citing that it is an extreme violation of the man’s privacy.

I can feel that. Certainly, I can. But it happened in public, and we have no further expectations for privacy for anything we do in public.

I’m still a little wound up about the video. I’ll probably think about it all day and never be able to get it out of my head. RIP! I don’t even know who you are, but that is one of the worst ways to die.