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» January 29, 2021

Subject to the harsh realities of extreme boredom from the horrible conditions of lockdown we were forced to endure, millions of victims have become over-medicated with memes. It has become […]

» January 27, 2021

Cajeme Municipality, Mexico – A lady only identified as Leonora R. found pictures of her husband with a woman on his phone. They were of a sexual nature. So naturally, […]

» January 18, 2021

Tom Brady is a true class act. I have to admit, I didn’t take the loss lightly. This is not the way I envisioned Drew Brees going out. Rumors have […]

» January 15, 2021

Who doesn’t like mind-blowing wicked twists? I love writing them as much as I love watching them. Interacting with a story and trying to figure out what’s going to happen […]

» January 15, 2021

If you watched The Office years ago or are just getting into it now because of NBC’s streaming service Peacock, then you know about the Dundie Awards. Michael Scott made […]

» January 7, 2021

I was contacted by a friend of mine about the homeless situation in Cumberland, Maryland. I’ve always known about the homeless in Cumberland. I’ve fed and housed many people while […]

» January 4, 2021

I’ve never heard that phrase before. It fell on quite a few confused people’s ears. Of course, “Amen” has nothing to do with gender inequality or the imbalance of a […]

» December 21, 2020

I just ran a promotion recently where I gave away the ebook version of The Deeper Dark for free. What I didn’t know was that some readers weren’t downloading the […]

» December 15, 2020

Human Trafficking is alive and well. Why aren’t efforts to stop it? At least, that’s what someone might ask if they had observed the disappearance of the Hashtag Save The […]

» December 12, 2020

The first COVID-19 vaccine was administered on the 8th of December to a resident of the UK. The 90-year-old recipient was Margaret Keenan and she was wheeled out of the […]

» December 4, 2020

If you search for Hillbilly Elegy on the internet, you’ll find many critics with negative things to say about the film that is currently trending on Netflix. J.D. Vance is […]

» November 14, 2020

Lockdown had me watching shows I had never really gotten into before. Why I was never into Chuck is anyone’s guess. I must have been burned out from that type of […]

The Deeper Dark

the deeper darkMichael Allen’s latest novel…

The Deeper Dark is the story of a fighter pilot who spends a few years in a POW camp. When he returns to civilization, he realizes how much has changed as life just seemed to move on without him. His wife remarried and his daughter learned how to grow up without her father around. When he finds out there’s more to the story the day his jet went down, he finds himself in the middle of unimaginable corruption. Trying to keep their secrets hidden, his invisible enemies threaten the one person he has left in this world. But they have no idea how far he’s willing to go to save her life.

Available in print and on Kindle: The Deeper Dark