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Zillow Messing With A Wyatt Earp Great Descendant

I met the great descendant of Wyatt Earp at a Days Inn in Sarasota. She was in the room next to mine. I couldn’t help but meet her. Sitting outside and having a few beers as the sun went down, I could hear her on the phone as she sat outside her door and she wasn’t happy about any of the calls she was making.

wyatt earp great descendant

Jane married Melvin Earp about forty years ago and he’s actually the bloodline of the infamous man. But, that makes her family nonetheless. They had a great life together. They bought a house and paid it off before he passed away. But too many memories made her want to move out and leave it all behind. That’s when she found herself in her impossible situation.

Isn’t that the worst feeling ever to think that you’ve done all you can to take care of the family you love after you’re gone and wonder if it was enough? I listened to Jane make phone call after phone call and it was frustrating to me. I can only imagine what she was going through. She looked at me with a fire in her eyes and at that moment, I heard the whole story.

She had sold the house to Zillow. That was something I learned that day. They buy houses. Only her ordeal wasn’t going smoothly. They came through the day before and took pictures. Then, she handed them the keys and they put them in a lockbox. She had everything she owned in storage and the closing was supposed to be the next day. Zillow had her information and the money was supposed to be wired as soon as the closing was over so that she could have the money for her own closing on her new house.

That’s where it all fell apart. They committed to a closing on a certain date and she was set to buy a house based on that closing. But they moved her closing back a few weeks and they didn’t even stop to think that maybe they should notify her about it or even see if it was okay with her. The thing is, they bought the house from her. That was her understanding. So, who cares when their closing is? They needed to wire her the money they promised, not give her the big run around.

She was about to lose her new house and she couldn’t move back into her old one. Zillow wouldn’t answer her phone calls and they wouldn’t return them after she left messages. Give it a try. Contact Zillow. Let me venture a wild guess and tell you that all the brokers are busy with other customers and you can leave a message. Then, wait and see how long it takes for them to get back to you.

If you have a house to sell or want to buy one, I imagine they are very responsive to that. But just like every other company out there, if they owe you money or have to fix something, they’ll take their sweet time of getting back to you. Time that Jane Earp doesn’t have.

Oh, they’ll take your money though. They’ll demand it upfront before they do anything for you. But, refunds or returns on deposits have to be processed because we all know how much effort goes into that. It can take three to six weeks sometimes. Why can’t they return money as fast as they required it? That’s always been a mystery to me.

If Zillow knew who they were messing with, I wonder if they would continue. No one messes with the great descendant of Wyatt Earp. It takes a purely irreverent heart to want to wrong the family line of such a historical treasure. Needless to say that Zillow shouldn’t be messing with anyone at all.

I got to know Jane pretty well in those few short hours we sat outside our rooms and talked. Phone call after phone call she made kept getting ignored. The look in her eyes going from pure anger to heartbreaking worry. She’d shake her head and hold her forehead in her hands. She was literally between a rock and a hard place with a hotel bill climbing by the day.

I had to leave the next day and who knows if I’ll ever meet her again. But, I can only hope Zillow has made things right by now. They should! A business that treats people like that shouldn’t be in business too much longer. It’s just another example of how this world can get turned upside down!

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