Zach Werenski Takes A Hockey Puck To The Face

Hockey is a tough game. These guys are either built tough or they are made tough playing the game like when Zach Werenski took a puck to the face.

Most the time it’s because they get into fights in the middle of the ice. The refs even stand back and let it happen. It’s like trying to break up fighting dogs. You can get bit that way. Getting in the middle of two hockey players fighting can be just as dangerous. You’re just asking to get knocked out.

But, there are other ways to get hurt on the ice. You can get a stick to the face. You can run into the wall or get pushed into the wall. You can also get a puck to the face.

Those things are flying at like a hundred miles an hour. Getting a puck to the face can break bones. It definitely can make a hockey player lose teeth. There are plenty of hockey players missing teeth.

Not All Hockey Players Have Missing Teeth

another one

Bobby Clarke


Brent Burns

brent burns

One Of The Most Infamous Hockey Pics Of All Time

two guys

Werenski Takes It To The Face

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