You Might Be A Prime Candidate Recruited For ISIS If . . .

There are three kinds of people who live in America as far as this discussion goes. We’re all different and very different in many ways. That’s what makes us so great. But, Americans have something in us all that is the same and that means, very same. So to learn more about who is being recruited by the terrorist organization known as ISIS, it’s broken down into the three different types of people who live in America.

The first person is the patriot. He’s proud of America. He knows there are faults here. But, he’ll never turn his back on America just like he’ll never turn his back on his friends or his family. He recognizes not all things are perfect, but you can love them anyway. He’ll never be recruited by ISIS.

The second person is the person who wants change in America. Technically, this is a patriot too. He sees the problems in America and he wants change. But, he wants change that is best for America. He wants change within the guidelines of the Constitution. He’ll never be recruited by ISIS.

The final person is the prime candidate for ISIS. He hates America. He wants to change America too, but from what it is into something else. Typically, this is the type of person who is comfortable burning or stomping on an American flag. His hatred for America will take him straight to the other side.

Do I think that every person who stomps or burns an American flag will get recruited to ISIS? No. But, it takes that kind of heart. That hatred or disdain, that level of disrespect is what it will take ISIS to identify who they will try to recruit next.

One day I was in a conversation with a friend who wanted to change parts of the Constitution. Of course, I strongly defended it and he asked me why I thought it was infallible. Why I thought of it as a divine manuscript that could never be touched.

It threw me off because it seemed like he was saying America was my religion, the Constitution my Bible. I had to stop him there and explain that neither of those things are true. America is a country. The Constitution is a contract.

America works within those guidelines. People who seek change do it within those guidelines. The Constitution by the way is what we are trying to be. We aren’t there yet. People who want change have looked at the Constitution and have seen where we have missed our mark. They are fighting for change so that we can get closer and closer to hitting that mark.

It’s healthy to look around the world and see other things that you would like implemented in America. Better school systems, better health systems, better work force, better welfare programs, better social reform, these are all things that can make us work toward realizing the true and original intent of the Constitution.

It’s those people who want to make change in America but find that the Constitution gets in their way, they are prime candidates for ISIS. They don’t want what’s best for America. They want what’s best for themselves. They don’t truly like America and they want to change it from what it is. They want to change America into something else.

If they don’t like Freedom of Speech because they don’t like being opposed or hearing the opinions of others, they don’t have the American spirit. If they want to take away everyone’s ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, they don’t have the American spirit.

They look back on the history of America with disdain. They hate America for all the mistakes it has made. They hate America for all the flaws that it has now. They are prime candidates to be recruited for ISIS.

Stay true to America! We have flaws. Work within the process to create change and by the way, learn to enjoy life every once in a while. It’s the only one you’ll ever get!

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A River in The Ocean is the story of a father and a daughter who get separated by a tragic accident. The father wakes up from a coma unaware he has a daughter while she has been raised for years by an odd couple who have great intentions, but no idea what they are doing. He begins to feel something is missing in his life while she begins to feel she is out of place. He didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found.

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