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Will Blac Chyna Win In Kardashian Court Case?

The Kardashian family has spent years cultivating their brand and making billionaires. They are the masters at turning bad publicity into millions of dollars. So, what does Blac Chyna stand to gain from her case against them?

First of all, Blac Chyna claims that the Kardashian family was the reason her reality show Rob & Chyna was canceled in 2016. She alleges that because the show was canceled that she not only lost income, but she lost the power of celebrity earning. That makes a pretty loud statement, but is it anything the jury will be sympathetic about?


The Kardashian family lawyer states the show was canceled because the couple split up. But we learned a whole lot more than that from testimony. A particular feud back in 2016 between Blac and Rob was the one that put a final exclamation mark on their relationship and, “There is no ‘Rob & Chyna’ show if there is no Rob and Chyna.”

With Blac Chyna on the stand, she said she wrapped a phone-charging cord around Rob’s neck “jokingly.” She also testified that she pointed an “unloaded” gun at him “jokingly.” She said that Rob took it all as a joke, as it was intended.


But Kris Jenner took the stand and had a whole different story. She talked to Rob the day after the incident and it wasn’t a joke. It was serious, “He was a mess. I could only imagine how he felt…This was a horrible situation. I was heartbroken.”

In her testimony, Kris Jenner threw in a little Will Smith jab when questioned about a text she sent to the showrunner that Chyna, “beat the [beep] out of Rob’s face.”

When Chyna’s lawyer asked what she meant by that, she answered, “I meant, beat the [beep] out of someone’s face. It’s a figure of speech. Like, if I was at an awards show, and someone walked on stage and slapped me. And I said, ‘Someone slapped the [beep] out of my face!'”


The testimony rolled on and of course, it will continue to make headlines. But the original question is whether or not Chyna stands to win? That’s a twist to the story you might find interesting.

The jury was polled and they’re not really fond of the Kardashians. But, they’re not sympathetic to Chyna either. Shows get canceled. I don’t see a jury blaming the Kardashians for Chyna’s loss of income or her loss of celebrity earning power just because her show got canceled or there would be lawsuits every other week over show cancelations.

In the long run though, Chyna most likely will win. She’ll find her way through the reality television show circuit and might even start a clothing line or something like that. If she’s learned anything from the Kardashian family, she’ll make her way in the celebrity world and do just fine. In that sense, she’s won already. She should just say “Thank You” and sit down.

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