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Where Is Peng Shuai? Missing Chinese Tennis Player

Peng Shuai was once ranked #1 in the world in doubles. She was the first Chinese tennis player to ever do that. But she’s in the headlines for a different reason now. It appears she has come up missing after making sexual allegations against a man who once was a top Chinese official.

Peng Shuai put out a social media post that was quickly taken down. But some people were able to read it first and by their account, the post said that Zhang Gaoli sexually assaulted her after they played a round of tennis just a few years ago. She went on to say that his wife stood guard at the door while he did it. She did not give her consent to any sexual act and she stated that she cried the entire time.

After her post was published and it got the attention it deserved, it was taken down. It has been speculated that the Chinese government itself took the post down. And then, she came up missing. As you can probably see for yourself, this is all highly suspect.

Instead of burying the story and letting it fade into yesterday’s back pages, it caught on fire. Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka have joined the many voices who have called for a complete investigation into the matter. China has done this in the past. They have a history of quietly detaining a person for a while for speaking out against China or doing anything that negatively reflects on them.

As part of their protocol, they tried to offer up an email that they claimed came from Peng Shuai herself:

“Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has sent an email to Steve Simon, the WTA Chairman & CEO, CGTN has learned. The email reads:” @CGTNOfficial

The question is, how stupid do they think people are? There were eagle-eyed influencers all over the internet questioning the validity of this email and even pointing out the flaws. For one, there is a cursor right in the middle of the email. That raises quite a few flags. Another issue is the tone. Is it her voice? Would she have written it that way?

People are seeing right through it and demanding that if she’s okay, she should be allowed to fly out of the country for an interview. Sounds logical. Will China agree or will they continue to think of the world as a bunch of fools?

Association of Tennis Professionals Chairman Andrea Guandenzi, “There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our tennis community. We have been deeply concerned by the uncertainty surrounding the immediate safety and whereabouts of WTA player Peng Shuai. We are encouraged by the recent assurances received by WTA that she is safe and accounted for and will continue to monitor the situation closely. Separately, we stand in full support of WTA’s call for a full, fair and transparent investigation into allegations of sexual assault carried out against Peng Shuai.”

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