When You Miss Me: The Children’s Book

beachpictureMichael Allen originally wrote this charming little book for his daughter. It was his way of showing her that he would always be in her life, no matter how many miles were between them. It was a project that he was originally able to do with a few sheets of paper. The instructions on how he created his unique message are detailed inside.

Mikayla absolutely loved the little book her father had made for her and they read it together many times over the years. But, she has grown and the distance between them doesn’t seem so far any more. So, Michael returned to the book to make it available for everyone who has experienced being separated from their child for whatever reason.

coverWhen You Miss Me is a great way for a parent to connect with their child during those lonely moments when you find yourselves apart. His heartwarming suggestions are the very ones that his daughter and he used. Feel free to teach them to your child and use them yourself. Then, learn how to make a small booklet and give your child a personalized message of your own.

Out in Print and on Kindle:

Print: When You Miss Me

Kindle: When You Miss Me

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