When Girlfriend Exposes BF, He Comes Back With Something She Can’t Handle

Some people need to think things through. They just don’t put enough thought into what they’re doing. Like, this girl for instance. She just thought she was going to put her boyfriend on blast and that was going to be that.

What did she expect from her Facbook post? That they would break up?

What was she trying to accomplish? That people would feel sorry for her and relate to her side because she said he was cheating on her and she said she caught him in the act?

Well, watch how he flips the script. This is epic…

First of all, this is the image she supposedly got of him when he was enjoying a little rec time with his new squeeze. His girlfriend must have some secret squirrel networking going on because the girlfriend says she was at work…


cheating boyfriend


So, she posts the photo online and says that this is what he must be doing while she is at work. That right there is proof she has some secret squirrel network watching out for her and taking pictures of everything her boyfriend is doing! This might even be some security camera type footage, which means she has some secret squirrels in security.

cheating boyfriend


Now, her friends come running to comfort her…cheating boyfriend


Then, BAM! The whole world gets turned upside down when he comes out with everything! You’ve got to love the truth when it finally comes out!  cheating boyfriend

Oh wait, they’re not even together? She’s just living with him because she has nowhere else to go! And the kicker…she cheated on him? How are you going to put someone on blast for cheating when you’re the cheater?


Oh, but wait! One more thing…

cheating boyfriend


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