When Did American Pride Become Offensive?

My letter to the Administration of Lexington High School for telling their students American Pride is offensive:

American PrideWhat are you teaching your kids? American Pride is not okay, but National Pride is? If they are citizens, then they are American. If they are not citizens, then they love us for some reason.

Try this exercise. Go to any other country anywhere around the world and try to tell them their pride offends you. I bet you get the following responses: 1) I don’t care. 2) Go back home. No patriot, anywhere throughout the world, would let anyone strip them of their pride. In this case, it’s American pride.

In other words, the people you are trying not to offend would not do the same for you if you were in their country. But, that’s where political correctness has brought us.

What’s sad is that the Administrators don’t seem to understand that being American is not offensive. Having American Pride offends no one except for only the Americans who are trying to be absolutely politically correct and are making it up as they go. Tell my why anyone would find American Pride offensive?

If the students voted for it, practice an American tradition and give them what they want. Or are you trying to teach them that even when they vote, if the powers at be don’t like the outcome, they’ll just change it? You know, like a dictatorship. Have fun with that in U.S. Government.

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