When A Bear Wanders Into A Construction Site Looking For A Picnic Basket

What would you do if you ran smack dab face to face with a bear? That’s what happened to this guy. He was marking off the side of a building and the bear was just around the corner.

The camera happened to catch the action of the guy trying to run, but falling all over the place. That’s not the ideal way to escape a bear. They can run pretty fast and if you fall, they are right on top of you.

There really isn’t an ideal way to get away from a bear. One guy told the story of running into a bear in the woods. He was able to run downhill and get away. But, that only works if you have a hill to run down.

The best thing you can do, if you can think fast enough and you have the nerve, is to play dead. The bear might still maul you like he did in the movie The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio. Luckily, today we have better medicine and you can be saved much easier. That is if you live long enough to get saved in the first place.

But, this guy didn’t have such luck…

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