What Happens When A Drug Dealer Invites Cops In His Home

World’s Dumbest Criminals! This should be an episode. If you are growing marijuana in your house, would you invite the police to come in?

That’s what this guy did. Like he had no idea what he was doing. If you’re in the drug game, you’re going to have to learn to deal with problems yourself. If someone is robbing you, you can’t call the police. If someone has broken in your house, you can’t call the police. You have to handle those matters on your own.

This guy gets a text from his neighbor saying someone broke in his home. So, he flags down the cops to tell them about it. They investigated the man’s home to find a thief. But, they found something else.

If a man’s that stupid, I wouldn’t put it past the neighbor for setting him up. Might be his competition and thought this would be an easy way to get rid of him. Because he didn’t do anything to violate the laws on the streets. He didn’t snitch or anything.

The man told on himself.
The neighbor just told him about a possible intruder.
This guy took it upon himself to invite the cops in his home.

But, look how much they found…

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