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What Happened To Hashtag Save The Children, A Human Trafficking Effort

Human Trafficking is alive and well. Why aren’t efforts to stop it? At least, that’s what someone might ask if they had observed the disappearance of the Hashtag Save The Children.

It’s not as if the efforts to stop Human Trafficking have ended. If you do a search for headlines, you’ll find that Florida police and Feds arrested nearly 200 in November. A sex trafficking couple was convicted and sentenced this month. Also this month, a lady in New York was arrested for trafficking minors. The leader of a sex ring was sentenced to over 30 years for trafficking minors. And the list goes on! You can read many headlines from the Department of Justice Press Room.

A few months ago though, the Hashtag Save The Children was all over my Facebook feed and I don’t see it anymore. I thought people lost interest. Human Trafficking is not something we can afford to lose interest in. There are children out there being stolen every day. The headlines that show how much our Department of Justice is working to fight Human Trafficking are the same headlines that should alert you that the problem still exists.

So, where did the Hashtag Save Our Children go! Tech Crunch has an idea. Actually, they know. In their article published on Tech Crunch, Facebook Is Limiting Distribution Of Save Our Children Hashtag Over Qanon Ties, Brian Heater and Taylor Hatmaker point out that conspiracy theorists were using the hashtag to point to a powerful network of people involved in human trafficking. Because of this, Facebook halted the reach of content that was being shared with the hashtag.

What drives the conspiracy theories is the death of Jeffrey Epstein and the arrest of legal proceedings involving Ghislaine Maxwell as well as their connections to both the Clintons and the Trumps. Of course, Qanon followers think Trump is about ready to expose this huge network of human traffickers while theorists on the other side of the aisle think Trump’s right in the middle of it.

Regardless of where you fall politically, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture. We can never let our passion to end human trafficking fade. It should be a priority with our energy and our resources. In fact, I’m following my own advice.

Yes, The Deeper Dark is a gripping thriller that readers can’t put down. But, a theme in the book that it brings to light is the issue of human trafficking. These are deeply disturbed people who financially gain from kidnapping and selling other human lives. The fact that so many headlines exist about it is all the evidence that you need that this evil still exists in our world.

So while I love writing, it is my passion, I’m using it to keep the issue of human trafficking fresh in everyone’s minds. That’s what I can do. That’s what I’m doing. If everyone had a small part to do, share articles on your social media, report things that look suspicious, any part that you can play, this beast could be slayed and fileted with no chance of coming back!

Will Decker has this to say about my book, “Allen has a unique writing style that almost borders on ‘documentary’, but there is no disputing the fact that he writes an exciting thriller that once started, you won’t be able to put down. It’s fast pace, non-stop suspense, and clean editing all combine to make it a very entertaining read. This is my first by Allen, but it won’t be my last.”

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Phone: 1 (888) 373-7888
SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages

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