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What Happened To Fashion In The 70s And 80s?

Have you ever looked back through history and thought, “Wow, we really looked good!” For the most part, our fashion looks good today and it has since the 90s. Our fashion looked in the 50s. We looked great in the 20s.

So, what happened to us in the 70s? And then again in the 80s? It’s like our minds just exploded and oozed out of our ears. People were trying to be as dorky as they possibly could. And “dorky” is the best word for it. I think they invented that word in the 70s just to have something to say about the ridiculous things people were wearing.

What I’m thinking is when the 70s were over, we went right into the 80s and we weren’t even healthy yet. There was residual dorky left in us that took a decade to shake. We tried to right it. But, it just wasn’t happening because the 70s had really screwed us up that bad.

I mean, look at it! Just look at it!

Yeah, No!

No! None Of This Works…

Um, What Is This?

Alright, What’s Going On Here?

This Is The Big Nope!

Are They Playing Badminton In Their Underwear?

And Of Course, The Bell Bottoms

But It Has A Matching Cap…

What’s This Guy’s Issue?

Just Wrong! No Right About It…

Of Course, The Sweater

What Was This Even About?

And Then There’s This Totally Clueless Dude

But, Some Looks Will Always Look Good!

Like This One…

And Of Course, This One!

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