What A Campaign Ad Should Be Like These Days

With the elections coming up and I mean just around the corner, everything is exploding with every little detail about Election Day. There’s more drama about Hillary. Trump’s many thoughtless statements are being used in ads against him.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a serious matter. Comedians have so much material to work with that it would never run out. It would get old real quick. But, it would never run out.

The thing is, it already has gotten old. People are voting early hoping to get the voices out of their heads. But, that won’t happen. They will battle this election all the way up to and including Election Day.

So, might as well enjoy as much humor in it as possible. There’s a lot there to work with. And here’s the thing, I don’t mention Hillary or Trump in my campaign ad.

No need to put anyone else down to lift myself up. Nope, I bring up two major issues. Issues! Remember when candidates talked about those? Yeah, I miss those days.

Well, here they are back again. I address them. I address two major issues and my points are valid. You will not find more valid points on the table. That’s because I don’t think there are any other points on the table. The table is pretty much empty and my points are the only ones on there.

So, get ready for something different. A campaign ad with points! Imagine that!

What An Ad From Me Would Say

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