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Weird Photos That Have A Little Something Extra

Most of the time, photos are innocent enough. You get what you see and you move on. But the magic of the camera has a great way of producing weird photos that have so much more in them than you originally thought.

She Finally Got The Hair Flip Right, BUT

weird photos

She probably worked all day at getting the perfect hair flip. Do you know how hard it is? One comedian gave it a try to show us it’s a very difficult move that only the most talented models have a knack for getting it right. Hers was a flop and it was hilarious.

That’s why I feel for this girl. She might have given it about 200 tries before getting it right. She kept doing it until she got it and then, that’s when everything went wrong. If you look in the background, you’ll see that there are two ladies digging deep into their butts and they are in the middle of her shot.

They’re Having A Bang Of A Time

This is innocent enough. A lady with her daughter and the beautiful water behind them. It’s a nice vacation picture that will go on the wall and they will cherish those memories forever.

That is until you look into the background and you see a family loading a cannon with a kid. At the top of the list of weird photos comes the family who wanted to shoot their kid into the water. Actually, I don’t know what they were planning but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. How do you explain that to the fire department when they arrive to pull a suffocating kid out of a cannon because he got stuck? It sounded like a good idea at the time?


This looks like a healthy team of players. Everyone’s all smiles as they take their team photo. That’s when you notice it. What’s the coach doing with his hand?

Subliminal Messaging

Superman. Eragon. X-Men: The Last Stand. All three movies playing at the same theater at the same time. It might be hard to pick which one you want to watch or you can just watch them all. But don’t stand there looking at the display for too long. It’s trying to tell you something. S.E. X.

A Perfect Picture…

weird photos

She said, “Let’s take a picture. I’ll just get up on this table and I’ll pose like this.”

He said, “Sounds good. I got the camera and you just tell me when you’re ready.”

It was after they took the shot that they noticed something a little spicy going on the background across the street.

Who Has What?

weird photos

You don’t get it right away. You think it’s just a bee doing its thing in a flower. But then, you look a little closer and you find a spider. It has a hold of the bee in the age-old struggle of nature versus nature. Sometimes, you’re the one getting fed. Sometimes, you’re the meal.

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