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We Have A Parrot In A Mugshot Over Here

This just might be a first. Craig Buckner took his mugshot with his parrot. How it happened is a strange twist of circumstances.

In Washington County, Oregon, Craig was summoned to appear in court for violating a release order. He took his parrot to court with him because he didn’t think it was that serious. Before he entered the courthouse though, he told the parrot to wait up in a tree for him.

Court didn’t quite go the way Craig planned when the judge ordered him into custody. The first thing he worried about was his pet outside waiting on him in a tree. As he was taken into custody, he told the deputies that he had brought his bird with him to court that day. How did that conversation go?

“Yo Five-O! Um, sort of brought my bird with me today. It’s outside in a tree because I told it to wait on me. Can you check on him?”

It could have been taken as the ramblings of a mad man. But, they decided to check on it just in case. Low and behold, there was in fact a parrot in a tree. It was under distress because crows had started circling it.

I can just imagine how that went, “Hey uh Parrot! Yo Parrot! Why don’t you come on inside with Craig and quit playing with those crows?”

The parrot looks down from the tree and says, “Hey, great idea. Lead the way.”

How in the world they got it done, that’s a mystery. But, they were able to get the bird out of the tree and into the courthouse where they reunited Craig with his companion.

Looking Like Trouble You Wouldn’t Want To Mess With


Booking With His Companion


And Here…He Looks Like A Guy I’d Have A Beer With


Craig will be serving some time in jail. But, don’t worry. They made some calls and they were able to track down a friend who would take care of the bird while Craig is behind bars.

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