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Warning: The World’s Worst Parents Might Be Hard For You To See

We’re not talking about the mom who forgot her daughter at the mall and had to turn back around to get her. These aren’t stories of a parent whipping his child with a coat hanger and leaving welts. It’s not even about neglect to the point where the child literally has to raise himself.

While some bad parent stories are enough to make your blood boil and you want to take the child into your safe and loving arms, these stories make those stories seem like fairy tales. What they did was unimaginable. The really sad thing is that this is just a few of them. There are more stories of parents who are absolute monsters.

Anthony And Jade Phillips

This evil couple left their toddler in a hot car to die. When the evidence was collected, there was enough to have them arraigned. That’s when Anthony and Jade started turning on each other and it was determined that they killed their son on purpose.

Ashley Jessup

For some unknown reason only she knows, Ashley taped herself performing sex acts on her 10-year-old son. Then, she sent the video to her boyfriend. His ex found the tape and turned the pedophile couple into the police.

China P. Arnold

In a very sadistic turn of events, China put her daughter in a microwave and cooked her. In what world does someone do that other than being so full of evil, there is not one ounce of good left?

Christopher Kuhn

Christopher took his son along with him when he decided to rob a Walmart. When he attempted his getaway, he ran into another vehicle. He fled the scene leaving his two-year-old son there to die.

Dalina Nicholas

This mother wanted drugs and money so bad that she let these men sexually assault her daughter. It’s totally sick just to think about, but what’s worse is that her daughter was only six.

Gina Caze

The name Naika Venant is a sad one to utter. Gina was her mother. Gina actually watched her daughter commit suicide on Facebook Live Stream. Reports go on to say that Gina even coached her while she was doing it and didn’t make any attempt to notify anyone.

Gregg J Kleinmark

This is a particularly ignorant case. Gregg was bathing his twin 10-month-olds. He decided to leave them unattended in the bathtub while he played video games.

Josef Fritzl

This sick embodiment of evil kept his daughter captive for 24 years. He fathered 7 kids with her until the day he took her to the hospital when she was critically ill. Being surrounded by nurses and officials, she told her story and he was immediately arrested.

Julian Emms

While Julian’s son was dying, a fund was put in place to raise money for his hospital bills. Julian is guilty of stealing those funds for himself. There wasn’t enough money for his son’s funeral.

Sara Packer

Sara adopted her daughter. Then when her daughter was 14 years old, Sara conspired with her boyfriend to rape and murder the poor girl. It’s sad that people like this exist in the world and they can have kids.

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