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Video: House Explodes After Car Crashes Into It

Whoa! This house completely explodes. You have to watch it blow up in pieces!

A car wrecked into the house and broke the gas line. It’s the worst scenario ever. I mean, don’t crash into houses when you’re driving.

But when you find the gas line and hit it, that’s when you’re about ready to see something real special. The sparks in the car’s engine. The gas from the car’s tank. Then, that mixes with the gas from the line and we have the 4th of July about ready to get started.

Good thing the people weren’t home when it happened. They have to be the luckiest people alive. Imagine them sitting on the couch watching a movie and all of a sudden a car is sitting in their living room. Not only that though, it’s about to explode . . .

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