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Vacation ‘Get Lost’ Is Your Luxury Survival Getaway

Can you imagine a travel guide walking you out to the middle of nowhere, shaking your hand, and then leaving you there? Let’s dive even deeper into this scenario and imagine that you paid for it. That’s what ‘Get Lost’ is all about and it is the reality survival getaway you won’t soon forget.

A company called Black Tomato offers the ‘Get Lost’ experience. With the old adage ‘SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO GET LOST TO FIND YOURSELF,’ Black Tomato will give you the equipment you need, shuffle you off to places unknown, and let you find yourself…because that’s what you wanted.


You have no idea where you are. Hopefully, they include a watch in the equipment so you know what time it is. Immediately, you have to build shelter and find a source for food. Or you can roam the earth trying to find enough to eat along the way.

Within hours, you are like Michael Scott from The Office when he had Dwight drop him off in the middle of the woods. You have one pant leg. You’ve lost a shoe. You’re wearing your underwear on your head and you’re about to eat a poisonous plant.


Just kidding! It would be nothing like that. They train you. They actually have courses that you can take to get prepared. Plus, as an added bonus, they have a team of experts around you at all times. They are trained to stay hidden so that you don’t see them. But they are there.

You will learn survival. You might be a shining star and catch on real quick or it might take you a minute, until you feel the hunger pangs and realize you have to figure something out. Either way, that is when you’ll find yourself.

You will have the most meaningful conversations with yourself during that time. You will learn more about who you are than you ever knew. Are you the fighter type? Can you figure things out when your back is up against the wall? Can you get comfortable in the lack of luxury nature provides? These are the types of things you’ll learn about yourself and you will never be the same.


When I book my “Get Lost” survival trip, I want dropped off on a sunny beach. If there are pretty girls in bikinis at this location, that would be ideal. My equipment should be a few cases of beer and a beach chair. Come back and get me in 72 hours or when the beer is gone, whichever comes first.

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